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Our story

The driving force behind Lychee Learning stems from the personal experiences of its founder, Lindsay, who recognized the diverse needs of students in Bali. With a background in education and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by students from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, she saw the potential for a tutoring service that could bridge the gap and provide individualized support. The goal of the program is not only to fill in learning gaps but also to empower students to succeed academically and make a life-changing difference in their education.

With a dedicated team and a passion for education, Lychee Learning aims to make a positive impact in the growing community of Bali. With Lindsay's extensive experience in teaching, along with the teams commitment to supporting young learners, we have paved the foundation for success. By offering personalized tutoring services and creating a nurturing learning environment, Lychee Learning aims to contribute to the academic success and personal growth of its students.

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Our mission is to provide a distinctive boutique-style tutoring service catering to both expatriate and local students. Embracing the label of "boutique style," we position ourselves as a specialized and personalized learning resource within your child's educational journey. Our aim is not only to facilitate immediate academic success but also to equip students with the essential tools for self-sufficiency in the classroom.

The process

Contact: Parents of students can initiate contact with our company by completing an online questionnaire to express their interest in our services.

Consultation: A brief 10-15 minute consultation will be scheduled with both the parent and student. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs and ensure that we can provide the appropriate services.

Meet and Greet: A meeting will be arranged with the tutor at a neutral location to facilitate introductions and initial discussions.

Approved: If both parties approve of the initial meeting, we will proceed to establish a schedule and conduct a follow-up assessment after three weeks of tutoring sessions.

Unapproved: In the event that the initial meeting does not meet the satisfaction of both parties, we will restart the process, aiming to find a mutually agreeable solution or determine the best course of action to move forward.

Noted: Once a schedule is established, we will offer regular feedback sessions to keep parents informed and involved in their child's progress, ensuring effective communication and continuous monitoring of the student's development.


About our training course

Our comprehensive Tutor Certification Course is designed to equip aspiring tutors with the essential skills and knowledge needed to become effective educators and mentors. This dynamic program offers a structured curriculum that covers a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from understanding learning theories and fostering student engagement to implementing diverse teaching methods tailored to individual learning styles. As participants progress through the course, they will gain a deep understanding of ethical tutoring practices, effective communication strategies, and the art of active listening. With an emphasis on creating a positive and inclusive learning environment, our certification course empowers tutors to guide students toward academic excellence while honing their own teaching techniques.

Throughout this course, participants will engage in hands-on activities, interactive workshops, and practical assessments that allow them to apply their newfound knowledge in real tutoring scenarios. By the end of the program, certified tutors will have developed a strong foundation in pedagogical principles, assessment strategies, and time management techniques. Once completeing the course, the tutors will have to continue professional development courses to continue to obtain our certification to ensure that we are offering the best professionals out there. Our Tutor Certification Course not only serves as a professional milestone but also as a transformative journey that prepares tutors to make a lasting impact on students' lives and contribute positively to the educational landscape. Join us in elevating your tutoring practice to new heights and becoming a catalyst for student success.

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