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We are looking to grow our company!

My Story

With a strong educational background, with both a master's and bachelor's degree in education, complemented by a minor in mathematics, I made the decision to take my teaching expertise abroad. Settling in Bali, I discovered a captivating blend of cultures within my classroom, as students hailed from all corners of the globe. Equipped with the ability to speak multiple languages and enriched by my own travels and immersive cultural experiences, I recognized the uniqueness of each student. Early on, I observed a pressing need for tutoring among students who faced academic challenges. It was an intricate process for them to navigate school in their second or third language, complete assignments in the same language, and then communicate their day's events to their parents in their native tongue. Determined to provide additional support and guidance, I established a learning program specifically tailored to meet the needs of this exceptional group of young learners. My passion lies in growing this venture and making a meaningful contribution to a community that is rapidly expanding.

My personal goal is to establish a business that serves the education community and expands to provide professional development opportunities for teachers working with diverse student populations. Upon relocating to Bali, I gained a profound understanding of the challenges faced by students who come from different cultural backgrounds and are learning in a foreign country. Witnessing the struggles they encountered in both their academic and daily lives inspired me to address the lack of individualized learning support that hindered their educational progress. With over seven years of experience in education, I quickly recognized the need for tailored instruction, particularly in helping students apply their knowledge in a heterogeneous classroom setting. Moreover, I observed a high demand for one-on-one learning opportunities, which are often limited within traditional classroom environments. The evident potential for growth in the tutoring sector motivated me to establish a service that can truly transform the educational experiences of young learners in Bali.

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